When and how to leave your comfort zone?

We’ve all heard that in order to advance in life and be successful, we have to step outside our comfort zone. But how do we know exactly when the moment has come?
Here are some of the signs:

1. You don’t feel happy and you don’t know why.

2. You constantly blame yourself and don’t realize how capable and worthy you are.

3. You feel bored and in a standstill. You don’t see any development or a chance of it.

4. You can’t remember the last time you tried something new.

5. You rarely talk to complete strangers or meet new people.

6. You say “no” to everything new and unusual in life.

7. Oftentimes you procrastinate and have a tendency for perfectionism, before allowing things to happen. But perfection does not exist.

8. You constantly use the words “if” and “when”

How step out of your comfort zone?

You can challenge yourself with constant little everyday changes to try new things, change direction and bring more diversity in life. Here are some of those challenges. Feel free to add your own too!

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.
— Paulo Coelho

1. Eat something different. Maybe substitute meat with fish for a change.

2. Smile more, and at everybody. To your colleagues at the office, in the grocery store, in the subway… and observe what’s happening. 🙂

3. Cook something new. Try a different recipe every week.

4. Play different music. Add a new genre to your playlist each month.

5. Enjoy silence. We are so used to noise in daily routine, that we have stopped to value silence and peace. Use it when you can!

6. Read something different. You never know what can a book, you consider “not for your taste”, can give you.

7. Pick a “nice” day. Instead of judging, criticizing, being sarcastic and discontent, try to be kind and nice to the people around, including yourself.

8. Find joy in everything. There are some many simple things that can make you smile and bring joy to the daily routine – the Sun, flowers, chocolate, snow… Don’t forget to look for them!

9. Don’t watch the same movies over and over. For example, if you like thrillers, watch a romantic comedy. It will surely put new feelings and ideas in you.

10. Choose a day of the week and be offline for its duration. It’s an excellent relaxing and energizing mini-vacation.

11. Skip the news for a day. Try not to watch the news block for a day and observe how it will affect you.

12. Leave a sweet note to a close person, be it your partner, relative our a colleague. You can leave it on the fridge, on the door, in their shoes, in a book they’re reading… You will make someone smile, feel happy and loved in an unexpected and unusual way.

13. Choose a different route – to a friend, to work or the fitness. It’s inspiring!

14. Take a walk or ride a bicycle. Fresh air and motion is energizing and refreshing.

15. Do not think about it! If something is constantly bothering you try not to think about it at least for a day. The following morning you may find that it isn’t a problem at all.

16. Better outside instead in front of the TV. Grab a coffee, go see a play at the theater or to the movies with friends. You will feel better.

17. Sit at a different place. If you have a favorite place at the table, choose another one. Even something as elementary as this has the potential to give you new perspective.

18. Throw out everything you haven’t used for over a year. We all accumulate useless things at the office or at home. Letting go of them will make you feel liberated!

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