Cancer (The Crab) Zodiac Profile

CANCER (The Crab)

instinctive, passionate, imaginative


“I feel!”

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

House: Fourth

Gem stones: selenite, emerald, ruby, pearl, lunar stone

Metal: Silver

Color: Aquamarine

Ruling Planet: Moon

Matches with: Taurus, Pisces

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Usually a little shy and timid, but when a Cancer feels among friends, they’re easily relaxed. The crab has rich imagination and senses so subtle, that even the slightest change in the situation can cause disharmony within. On the other hand, representatives of the fourth sign have a strong sense of humor and try even in the most difficult moments to find something cheerful. They’re able to relentlessly persuade their love interests, finding thousands of ways to show him/her their feelings. It is hard for a Cancer to get through breakups – the whirlpool of feelings is raging for a long time after any separation. Fine art, and especially music, are areas where the water sign can express dreams and forget about woes.

Although Cancerians love flirting, they’re actively trying to marry, looking for the person with whom to spend the rest of their life. Extremely loyal to their closest friends and family members, in the their presence everyone feels secure and protected. And rightly, a Cancer would give all his/her energy and strength to protect family and friends if necessary. What the crab most needs is regular attention from close ones and relaxed family and work atmosphere.


Positive: intuitiveness, courtesy, emotionality, sensitivity, exceptional memory, vivid imagination, humor, love for the homeland.

Negative: irritability, indecision, apathy, dishonesty, secrecy, hypersensitivity, egocentrism, gloomy moods, stiffness.


There are two main types of Cancer man. One is with oval face, smooth skin, wide smile, round eyes and a child’s expression. His body is large and overall lightly-colored – eyes, skin and hair (usually light brown). The other is with a squarish face, expressive cheekbones, open forehead. Overall intriguing looking face, usually with some kind of a teeth imperfection. His body is massive with typically wide shoulders. Skin is darker than normal and he may be slightly bald above the forehead.

A Cancer female is predisposed to gaining weight when she reaches middle age. She typically has a well developed chest, narrow hips,, long arms and legs, strong nails and beautiful big, expressive eyes.

Health and well-being

The metabolism of a typical Cancer depends on the condition and the amount of fluids in the body, the most vulnerable places are the lymphatic system, the sweating glands, the stomach. Increased emotional excitement leads to psycho-somatic diseases in organs under the rule of the Fourth House – colitis, ulcer, gastritis, nervous stomach. Generally the Crab has poor health and low resistive forces. Increased appetite or irregular diet can cause biliary abnormalities. Other typical weak spots are – stomach, chest, liver.

Recommendations: strengthen the nervous system by reducing negative emotions, exercise active movement to activate fluids circulation in the body. Consume food that does not burden the work of the bile. Get good deep and long enough sleep.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: cabbage, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, turnips, lettuce, watermelon.

Aromas: acacia, magnolia, lily.

Diet: fish and fish products, seafood, dairy products, fruit, yoghurt, rye bread, rice.

Business, career, work

Areas: History, Archeology, Zoology, Humanities, Finance, Marine, Food, Photography.

Professions: Dealer, financier, banker, real estate agent, home manager, architect, interior designer and furniture designer, photographer, artist, historian, psychologist, biologist, marine professions – captain, sailor, fisherman, pilot.

Distinguished (Famous) Gemini

Princess Diana, Rembrandt, El Greco, Edgar Degas, Jean de La Fontaine, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Louis Armstrong, Pavel Globa

Read today’s horoscope for Cancer