Leo (The Lion) Zodiac Profile

LEO (The Lion)

noble, brave, determined


“I lead!”

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

House: Fifth

Gem stones: diamond, ruby, jasper, garnet, carnelian

Metal: Gold

Color: Orange

Ruling Planet: Sun

Matches with: Libra

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As the Lion, you radiate dignity and royalty, making you easily noticeable in any situation. Adding to this your generosity and artistic talent, you inevitably become the center of every secular gathering. The creative approach is inherent in you – everything you do is new and unique, whether in a game, job or exercise. You have your way with children – you can tell a story in such a fascinating way, that a kid will remember it for life. A Leo dresses with taste and has an incredible sense of fashion – you could find a realization in this field as well.

Your a leading abilities, combined with your excellent organizing skills help find the right people for a job, who can not only do it, but also thank you for it. Do not indulge in laziness – you posses many valuable qualities which will help you achieve serious success. Your worst enemies are your own laziness, demagogy and pride. As a fire sign, Leo usually enjoys great success with love, but be careful as your external sparkle may affect your inner world and qualities. Do not forget – not everything that shines is gold.


Positive: independence, courage, optimism, generosity, authority, confidence, vitality.

Negative: narcissism, pride, haughtiness, vanity, wastefulness, arrogance, indifference, vainglory.


The Leo man is handsome, with strong, broad shoulders. The lion’s height is above average and generally his upper body is better developed. The fifth sign has a fresh, blushing face with big eyes and symmetric lips, usually with lightly colored hair. He walks upright with pride and raised head, his steps are slow and heavy.

A lioness is also tall and slender, with beautifully long, curly or straight hair, often with a reddish tinge. The Leo woman’s face is oval, she has big eyes and juicy lips. This fire woman possesses strong sex appeal and radiates dignity and aristocracy. She is always well dressed and elegant – this woman is extremely careful with her looks and style.

Health and well-being

The metabolism of Leos depends on the state of their nervous system. In the event of emotional and nervous overload you might feel palpitations and body function disorders. Generally you should be careful with your heart and the cardiovascular system – they are weak spots and are susceptible to illness. Other vulnerable places are the back and spine. Your immunity is good, sicknesses comes and goes fast. A lion tends not to show it when ill, and is in a hurry to stand on his feet.

Recommendations: find a vent for your emotions, in order to avoid nervous overload and stress. Active recreation and sport is one of the best ways to lower anxiety and avoid further mental pressure.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: sunflower, orange, mandarins, grapes, rye, barley.

Aromas: cedar, aloe, marigold.

Diet: oranges, mandarins, lemons, pineapple, melons, grapes, almonds, honey, foods rich in protein, yellow cheese, potatoes, tomatoes. Vitamins, A, C, E, F, Magnesium.

Business, career, work

Areas: politics, government, state administration, theater, fashion, decoration, jewelery.

Professions: director, chief, manager, high clerk, actor, modeler, goldsmith.

Distinguished (Famous) Leo

Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Carl Jung, Robert Redford, Mick Jagger, Henry Ford, Alfred Hitchcock

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