Sagittarius (The Archer) Zodiac Profile


daring, imaginative, confident


“I perceive!”

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

House: Ninth

Gem stones: hyacinth, turquoise, topaz, purple amethyst, blue sapphire

Metal: Tin

Color: Blue

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Matches with: Aries

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A Sagittarius is charming and honest. You’re so immediate and direct (like a child) that almost no one can be angry with you, even if they want to. Combine this with your excellent sense of humor and you will hardly have any enemies left. A very lively and seeking individual, adventure is always around you. As the archer symbolizes, your aim is always up and high, and it’s completely astonishing that you almost always hit the target, even if it seems like you do everything as if it’s a joke. So, effortlessly, you become brilliant lawyers, musicians, singers, or writers.

The most important thing for a Sagittariuses is their freedom (you will never let someone orchestrate you life) – for that reason, you often prefer not to bond. A peculiar thing about the ninth sign is that you don’t learn from past experiences in your love relationships, which sometimes could lead to you reaping a mistake several times with the firm belief that “this time it will be different”. A good thing is that even if you’re let down, disappointed, you don’t suffer for long and soon enough continue on with your excellent determination.


Positive: sincerity, openness, honesty, impartiality, goodwill, enthusiasm, light-heartedness, cheerfulness, generosity, dignity, merriment.

Negative: turmoil, clumsiness, blandness, clutter, tendency to lecture and moralize.


A classical archer man is above average in height, with strong, energetic and large body; bright, open face, usually with wide forehead. A male Sagittarius has lighter than normal hair (light brown or blond). His eyes are big, glamorous and insightful, his mouth – well-formed with meaty lips and natural smile. The ninth sign’s movements are energetic, lively and sometimes clumsy.

The typical female Sagittarius is a high person with strong and healthy body. Her hair is brittle and usually accompanied by a slight reddish undertone. She also has a very bright and friendly face, with very gentle lines. The archer-woman has dark eyes with a sharp and keen vision.

Health and well-being

Surprisingly for such a strong character, Sagittarius has a lot of weak spots. The ninth zodiac sign is predisposed to diseases related to the hip joints, waist, shoulders and wrists, liver, lungs and the nervous system. These soft points may result in nervous and mental exhaustion, overstrain, hypertension, varicose veins, asthma; eye, throat and digestive disorders. Metabolism is very active and fast. The most vulnerable organ in the archer’s body is the liver, so for that reason you should watch your diet.

Recommendations: Do not overdo food and alcohol. You need clean air, movement and sport. Relaxation through meditation and spiritual exercises is highly recommended.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: fig, oak.

Aromas: violet, lavender.

Diet: Take a lot of vitamins along with various fresh fruits, vegetables and their juices – citrus, strawberries, apples, figs, chestnuts, apricots, watermelons. Good foods for you are okra, leek, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, peas, zucchini, blue tomatoes, leafy vegetables, radish, beans. Cereals and their sprouts. Vegetable fats in general.

Business, career, work

Areas: education, science, religion, philosophy, institutions, law, tourism, veterinary, marketing, foreign trade, geography, sport.

Professions: teacher, lecturer, clergyman, lawyer, writer, veterinarian, guide, commercial and advertising agent.

Distinguished (Famous) Libra

Ludwig van Beethoven, Heinrich Heine, Jonathan Swift, Tycho Brahe, Nostradamus, Baruch Spinoza, Nero, Augusto Pinochet, Francisco Franco, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney

Read today’s horoscope for Sagittarius