The Fool

The Fool


Symbolizes – faith, ideals, hope for bright future, right of choice, crazy recklessness, start of adventure, finding a path.

Without a number (or somewhere represented as 0), The Fool tarot card is put at the start of the Major Arcana deck but, at the same time, somehow apart from other cards.

The Greek word for fool represents someone who is thinking and acting independently. The Fool’s message is to have trust in yourself and follow your heart, no matter how reckless, crazy or stupid its impulses might seem.

The card without a number symbolizes great faith that life is beautiful and it’s worth believing in it. Some might say The Fool is too naive, but this innocence and purity is supporting and bringing him joy.

The card is considered to mark the start of a spiritual adventure. Focus here is on faith and hope, but if they’re unjustified, it may mean insecurity for the person asking the question(s). An interesting card underlining uncertainty in life. Its appearance signals that it’s important to have confidence is your own assessments and plan wisely, and that it’s not a good time for binding commitments.

In Middle Ages castles, the jester was a man who was not supposed to follow the same rules as everybody else. His job was to observe and study behavioral patterns of people and then he could mock and make fun of them, without serious consequences most of the time. This is what made him unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds of the unlimited potential and spontaneity hidden each moment. The Fool suggests that nothing is sure or ordinary. It foretells new experiences, widening of horizons and clarification of goals and ideas.

Without realizing the existence of obstacles, you step forward into the future with great optimism. The jokester aspires for a more spiritual lifestyle, to open our consciousness, not to put barriers or walls around ourselves and allow change to conquer us.

The Fool marks a new beginning, a fresh start. You are surrounded by opportunities and potential, everything is open to you. Pay attention to your intuition. Do not overlook your inner senses, however stupid and irrational your plans are, you should follow the strength this card carries.

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