Pisces Monthly Horoscope January, 2020

January, 2020 — You have reached a pivotal time in which you will either celebrate your success or feel the disappointment of your failure. For those practicing art, the stars give a chance to create something truly beautiful, which has the chance of bringing tremendous joy. If you overdo your desire to achieve order or your pedanticism, you will only complicate the relationships with people around you. Planetary energy now may be a decisive factor in the way you perceive situations, so don’t make any judgments at this time, rather wait a while until you can make a more informed decision. Your financial luck is changing – and changing for the better. Only allow people who you can rely on to be close to your plans. You may want to ignore urgent tasks to take a trip. The astral influences encourage you to think of new ways of solving your problems. The energy emanating from the planets may dazzle you with expectations beyond what you would ordinarily consider reasonable. Greed harms you.

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