Pisces (The Fish) Zodiac Profile

PISCES (The Fish)

benevolent, instinctive, creative


“I believe!”

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

House: Twelfth

Gem stones: amethyst, moon stone, pearls, pearls, aquamarine, alexandrite

Metal: Platinum

Color: Violet

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Matches with: Scorpio

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Pisces have a very strong personality and independent temper, but oftentimes the prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Your insight certainly makes a powerful impression on others. As the last sign of the zodiac, you’re able to contain and understand the qualities and values of all other eleven signs. A big problem for the fish is what to do with so many abilities, so in most cases you prefer to run away from this complication. You’re so sensitive that even the smallest negative change in your outer world can confuse you or make you bitter – you’re prone to gloomy moods and depression.

It’s of utmost importance to remember that it’s you that’s able to help in such situations, you only need to believe things will get better and continue on with your plans – your faith is the most powerful weapon you have. Your talents and adaptability can make you successful in almost any area you choose, but it’s as if arts and fields in which you can create attract you the most – you know that you can realize your dreams easily in a suitable area. As the twelfth zodiac sign, you have a strong desire to make something on Earth that will help it be a more comfortable, welcoming and cozy place – you’re prepared to do whatever it takes for this to happen, even if it means you have to make some sacrifices.


Positive: charity, sacrifice, strong intuition, sympathy, sentiment, selflessness, artistry, humility.

Negative: shyness, melancholy, abstractness, anxiety, apathy, silence, isolation, escaping from reality.


The male fish is short to average in height and a rounded body shapes. His arms and legs are typically short, skin is pale, he has a round face with well-formed cheeks and large, round eyes with a mysterious, dreamy look. A man Pisces is widely known to have very clumsy movements.

There are two types of a Pisces woman – one is tall, large body, prone to gaining weight, typically with oval face, pale skin, very big eyes and brown, brittle hair. The second type is short, graceful, exquisite, with a beautiful smile, dark, expressive eyes, small nose and chin.

Health and well-being

Representatives of the twelfth zodiac sign have slow metabolism that leads to accumulation of waste products in the body, therefore there’s a risk of food poisoning. This can be related to all kinds of problems – poor immunity, problems with the digestive system, danger of addiction to drugs, alcohol and other hazardous substances. With oftentimes misleading symptoms, disorders are difficult to detect. Pisces other weakness is that they’re prone to hormonal disturbances, nervous, skin, cold, obesity, melancholy, psychosis, depression, hypochondria, overwork, sleepiness, allergies, swelling, immune disorders.

Recommendations: Avoid alcohol and other opiates. Be careful with taking sedatives. Prefer silence and peace – meditate, ask someone for a foot massage, take time for walks in nature and water healing procedures.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: mushrooms, algae, poppy, aphrodisiacs.

Aromas: coffee, lavender, magnolia, violet.

Diet: Foods rich in potassium chloride, iodine, vitamins from groups B, C, A, E, D. Peaches, apricots, apples, grapes, strawberries, pears, olives, quinces, cherries, pineapple, prunes. Leafy vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, radish, turnips, mushrooms. Cereals (corn, rice) and their sprouts, wheat bran. Milk, curd and dairy foods. Pasta, seeds, honey. Coffee, mint, herbal teas.

Business, career, work

Areas: marine affairs, pharmacy, alcohol production and trade, cosmetics, culture, art, occult sciences, charity, social services, medicine, cinema.

Professions: sailor, fisherman, pharmacist, nurse, medium, occultist, musician, artist, waiter, bartender, cinematographer.

Distinguished (Famous) Libra

Antonio Vivaldi, Gioachino Rossini, Frederic Chopin, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Michelangelo, Victor Hugo, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce, Yuri Gagarin

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