Taurus (The Bull) Zodiac Profile

TAURUS (The Bull)

reliable, rational, rhythmic


“I own!”

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

House: Second

Gem stones: sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, agate, turquoise

Metal: Copper

Color: Green

Ruling Planet: Venus

Matches with: Cancer, Virgo

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As a Taurus you’re calm and confident in yourself and a traditionalist that doesn’t like changes. Sometimes you go to extremes when it comes to your sense of ownership. You’re capable of materializing your ideas in the form of poems, paintings, music and art in general or simply in a beautifully arranged home. It will feel great if you can turn your talents into a profession. Oftentimes you manage to get money for a job that you do with pleasure and passion. You are not the most talkative, but when you say something, you keep your word and make it a reality – people really value this quality in you.

As a Taurus you’re capable of great perseverance in your beliefs (but delusions too). A very stubborn character – it’s very difficult for someone to discourage you when you’re up to something – but this is precisely why you bring everything you get involved in to a successful end. In your love life you are usually the personification of an ideal partner, and you expect from your significant other full devotion. You like to be spoiled, to be surrounded by beauty and luxury.


Positive: vitality, tranquility, insistence, patience, helpfulness, loyalty, artistry, musicality.

Negative: stubbornness, sluggishness, stiffness, distrust, resentfulness, jealousy, indifference, leniency to own weaknesses, lust.


A Taurus male is typically average in height, with proportionally developed body. Particularly strong neck with wide face and expressive cheekbones, hair is usually dark and brittle or naturally curly, but there are also blond ones.

A Taurus woman is inclined to gain weight, with a strong body and wide thighs. Her face is beautiful and well maintained. She has thick and brittle hair, brown or golden in color. Eyes are dark, damp and expressive. Her mouth is somewhat big and with juicy lips.

Health and well-being

All bulls enjoy good health but when ill, it lasts long and with complications, and it can become chronic if you’re not careful. Recovery processes are slow but successful. Taurus representatives have slow metabolism, which can lead to fat accumulation and obesity when combined with excessive or irrational nutrition. Particular attention should be paid to the feeding of children – don’t force them, let small Tauri eat only when they’re hungry and create a healthy diet. An adult bull tends to abuse food during emotional distress and depression. The thyroid gland is a weak spot. Typical diseases: diabetes, angina, catarrh, basal disease, tonsil problems.

Recommendations: keep a balanced diet – include foods rich in iodine and do not consume water while eating. Get in touch with Mother Nature – take regular outings and go on vacations.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: springtime fruits and vegetables.

Aromas: heavy fragrances, smelling of flowers – jasmine, magnolia, lilac, cloves.

Diet: Nutritional products containing iodine – fish and fish products, seafood, iodized salt must be included in the menu. In addition, dairy products – cheese and milk. The most favorable fruits for a Taurus are cherries, apples, avocados, bananas, sour cherries, peaches, pears, dates, raspberries, strawberries.

Business, career, work

Areas: financial and insurance institutions, agriculture and forestry, natural science, biology, art, culture.

Professions: banker, broker, furniture or real estate trader, farm worker, dairy, florist, restaurant owner, chef, musician, singer, medical worker, biologist, botanist and others.

Distinguished (Famous) Taurus

Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Cher, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, William Shakespeare, Honore de Balzac, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler

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