Virgo (The Virgin) Zodiac Profile

VIRGO (The Virgin)

elegant, efficient, generous


“I analyze!”

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

House: Sixth

Gem stones: yellow sapphire, jasper, peridot, heliotrope, tiger’s eye

Metal: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Matches with: Cancer

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Representatives of the zodiac sign Virgo know best that their greatest power lies within the mental realm – their head. You have the need for order, and you best satisfy it by finding a place for every object, thought or feeling. You are born to create methods and structures. You do not like the worldly shine and you do not want to be number one – you know that it’s best to “pull the threads” behind the scenes. Although people usually view you as quiet and calm you may explode on a very insignificant occasion, for some trifles that hundreds of other people would not notice.

The Virgins are not the kind of people who will leave their deeds in the hands of fate. You’re always ready to fight for your cause and as such are gifted with skillful hands and fantasy to help you cope with daily difficulties. You put love and dedication in everything that you engage with. The sixth sign likes to put his money on guaranteed win – you don’t like to risk, rather you manage to cope with difficulties and problems with patience and perseverance. Deep feelings are not something extraterrestrial for you but you prefer not to show them on the surface. As for your love life, you always strive to be as honest and loyal as possible, you’re careful not to make room for jealousy and expect the same warmth and devotion from your partner.


Positive: analyticity, restraint, representativeness, rigor, devotion, purity, modesty.

Negative: faultfinding, anxiety, worry, greed, dogmatism, nervousness, flamboyance, over-rigor, criticality.


A Virgo man is average in height, with thin figure and proportionally developed body, straight nose, expressive, lively eyes (usually brown or blue), well-formed lips (often thin), steps energetically and with determination.

The female Virgo is slender and elegant, with beautiful and long hair (usually brittle and lightly colored). Her face is somewhat roundish with big, expressive eyes and well-drawn lips. She is always appropriately dressed for the occasion, being friendly, quiet.

Health and well-being

Virgos usually don’t have a very stable well-being, on the contrary – they are ill often, but not anything too serious or life-threatening. One life lesson that you have to learn as the sixth zodiac sign, is to appreciate good health and keep your body in a good shape. A weak spot is your digestive system, so you should avoid anything too spicy or food that is hard to digest in general. It’s widely known that Virgos usually suffer from “lazy guts”. Another weakness is your labile nervous system (often tense and hard to relax), therefore you’re prone to apathy, anxiety which might lead to a more pessimistic life views.

Recommendations: eat more vegetables (try vegetarian diet), also fasting is a great option. Avoid stressful situations and take more time for relaxation in order to get rid of anxiety.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: oats, barley, chicory, savory, valerian.

Aromas: cumin, cinnamon, cheiranthus, bay leaf, cardamom.

Diet: legumes and wheat crops and products, fruits, cabbage, celery, spinach, foods rich in vitamins from groups A, B, C; potassium.

Business, career, work

Areas: chemistry, pharmacology, health, science, engineering, mathematics, accounting, administration, crafts.

Professions: medical worker, clerk, accountant, service professional, scientist, chemist, biologist, pharmacist, nutritionist, supplier, master crafter.

Distinguished (Famous) Libra

Prince Harry, Sean Connery, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Leo Tolstoy, Goethe, Michael Faraday, Hegel, Tommaso Campanella, Ernest Rutherford, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

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