Libra (The Scales) Zodiac Profile

LIBRA (The Scales)

tactful, creative, bright


“I balance!”

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

House: Seventh

Gem stones: beryl, topaz, sapphire, mountain crystal, light tourmaline

Metal: Copper

Color: Pink

Ruling Planet: Venus

Matches with: Gemini

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A Libra’s life is governed by a sense of harmony, beauty and justice. Thanks to your tact, generosity and your serenity you’re at the heart of every company. Moreover, your presence alone is enough to soothe any pain. The scales are some of the best peacemakers – you are easily able to convince both warring parties that they are not making the situation any better with aggressive confrontation. Nevertheless, try not to end up in the middle of a dispute, without realizing your ability to give up a position. These same talents can make the sixth zodiac sign an exceptional and irreplaceable lawyers. Your inherent sense of justice will help you always find the right decision, without the least interference from your personal feelings and beliefs.

The scales’ impartiality makes them amazing professionals in their field, and combined with your sense of duty and responsibility, you are close to indispensable in some areas of occupations. Adding to the fact that you have the ability to sense the thoughts and moods of others, you can undoubtedly influence them and become great politicians or diplomats. As a Libra, keep in mind that whatever your profession, it is important for you to always be in love and to feel loved. A harmonious relationship is mostly possible thanks to your ability to look at life through your significant other’s eyes.


Positive: impartiality, observability, fairness, friendliness, sophistication, artistry, sociability, honesty.

Negative: indecency, shyness, hesitation, excessive caution, frivolity, inconstancy.


A classic Libra man is average in height, with handsome features on a round face and dark hair. His skin is soft an light, eyes are light (or light brown), big and expressive. This man has a beautiful smile and and usually dimples.

A typical female representative of the scales has a slender, elegant figure, playful face with soft lines and dark hair. She has dark eyes, beautiful nose, big mouth, dazzling smile, dimples of cheeks. A woman Libra is usually impeccable in her appearance.

Health and well-being

The metabolism of a Libra is fast and unsustainable, subjected to strong fluctuations under the influence of external factors (stress, depression, etc.). Getting rid of wast products from the body is quite often the problem, because one weak spot is the kidneys. As a consequence, this can result in hypertension, headache, skin diseases and allergic reactions – the most probable causes are fear, mental tension, criticism or disappointment.

Recommendations: control sugar consumption, monitor blood sugar, avoid pastry. A fruit diet will be very welcomed by your body.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: aloe, myrtle, freesia, lily of the valley.

Aromas: cloves, rose.

Diet: fruits and vegetables and their juices, salads, cereals, semolina, corn, honey, nuts, foods rich in vitamins of groups B, C, A, E.

Business, career, work

Areas: law, culture, art, cosmetics, diplomacy, sociology, fashion, design, music.

Professions: lawyer, judge, legislator, diplomat, cultural figure, sociologist, make-up artist, hairdresser, model, artist, musician, singer.

Distinguished (Famous) Libra

Giuseppe Verdi, Franz Liszt, George Gershwin, Dmitri Shostakovich, Oscar Wilde, Miguel de Cervantes, Niels Bohr, Gerolamo Cardano, Friedrich Nietzsche, Alfred Nobel, Mahatma Gandhi, Brigitte Bardot, John Lennon

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