Gemini (The Twins) Zodiac Profile

GEMINI (The Twins)

understanding, caring, warm


“I think!”

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

House: Third

Gem stones: beryllium, amber, agate, golden topaz, tiger’s eye, emerald

Metal: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Matches with: Aries, Leo

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You have quite a contradictory character and it is a miracle how you manage to cope with all your internal conflicts and quests. Changes and permanent metamorphoses are your “trademark” and even though it’s never boring with you, your constant variability frightens people a little, because you are unpredictable. Your undoubtedly shining mind and your ability to react instantly in any situation give you many valuable benefits. If you can harness them at work, you can achieve brilliant successes in your field. You can be your best self in the spheres where a quick mind and the ability to interact with different people are highly valued. Your speech may become the word, but you should not abuse it.

Your love life is probably a constant search for the right partner. You are able to love several individuals at the same time, although it is difficult to explain how this is possible. You need a partner to listen to and understand, to respect your personal space and freedom.


Positive: vitality, honesty, benevolence, sociability, liberalism, impartiality, inventiveness, maneuverability, wit.

Negative: impatience, talkativeness, superficiality, nervousness, duality, evasion, charisma, impracticality, curiosity, petulance.


A Gemini man is average to tall in height with a skinny body. Arms and legs are elongated and he is usually gesticulating while talking. His forehead is slightly bigger than normal, but perfect for his skinny face. Oftentimes his hair is brown and thin, eyes are also brown or greenish and very lively. A Gemini man’s walk is fast paced and determined.

It is natural for a Gemini woman to have a fine and slender body with narrow thighs. She also likes to gesticulate while talking. Her skin is usually lightly colored with freckles here and there. A typical female Gemini normally has bright, straight and long hair. Her mouth isn’t large and lips are thin. She also has a beautiful thin and elongated neck, and delicate long fingers.

Health and well-being

Gemini has a very rapid metabolism that usually leads to a high oxygen expenditure in the blood. In order to avoid accumulating waste products in it, you need to breathe deeply in order to supply enough oxygen in your blood. A weak spot is your nervous system and, as a consequence, related diseases can be observed. Eating rich calcium foods reduces the nervous system’s excitability. Another weak spot is the lungs, shoulders and arms. Typical diseases are angina, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma.

Recommendations: breathe in fresh air, spend more time outdoors, move actively, exercise, don’t smoke and avoid smoky spaces.

Foods and nutrition

Plants: pear, melon, lemon, corn, hazelnuts, lentils, dill.

Aromas: narcissus, hyacinth, violets, cedar.

Diet: Dairy products (milk, cheese, yellow cheese), eggs, carrots, walnuts, foods rich in phosphorus, calcium, vitamins B, C, D, E. All cereals, celery, legumes, cabbage, green peas, carrots.

Business, career, work

Areas: media, advertising, education, trade, publishing, engineering, philology, intermediation, transport.

Professions: advertising agent, journalist, radio broadcaster, spokesperson, courier, mediator, publisher, librarian, secretary, writer, translator or radio technician.

Distinguished (Famous) Gemini

Marilyn Monroe, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg, Alexander Pushkin, Plato, Blaise Pascal, Dante Alighieri, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Kennedy, George Bush, Che Guevara

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