The High Priestess

The High Priestess


Symbolizes – expectation, inspiration, knowledge, psyche, receptivity, strong female influence, passivity, divine law, revelation, mystery, depth, purity, innocence.

The High Priestess tarot card is the guardian of subconsciousness. She is an archetypal moon goddess, virgin and pure. The card keeps secrets of spiritual enlightenment within. This is a guide card that tells us that right now we are on the path of sophistication. It represents the realization of your needs and desires. The High Priestess manages your intuitive skills. It’s time to follow your instincts and trust your senses.

You know better than others what’s best for you. You can seek help or advice from others, but should not allow their needs to overshadow the longings of your heart. Form plans that are convenient for you, not for other people. Sometimes, The High Priestess represents a female individual (mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, boss, rival). It can really help you to see what is ahead and real, not to be deceive by the appearance of something or someone. You know the answer and the right way to act. She represents our hidden talents and inner life. Making the impossible – possible.

Focus is on waiting, patience, gathering knowledge and balance. The High Priestess says that it is a time of conception and development before the goals can be realized, and also that it is important to wisely use this time to accept certain inner changes and wait for your energies to be released.

This card shows a balanced and harmonious individual, a diplomatic personality. An authentic person who allows intellect to connect with subconscious. The High Priestess describes a search for knowledge. You act illogically, irrationally, sometimes just strangely but eventually with a great result.

It tells that you create an impression that everything you start is accomplished with great ease and skill. You are a person who is not in a hurry to make decisions, nor is in a hurry to act. You usually know what needs to be done and not very active, but always knows how to react to a situation. You do not have the need to intervene as soon as things start going against your will or are not right at the moment – you know that everything happens in its time, that there are certain cycles and that the bad moments always pass. You can remain calm and observe the changes with self-control and gentleness.

In a direct meaning, The High Priestess depicts a person with secrets. In a higher sense – access to esoteric and spiritual knowledge. A person who usually quickly grasps the deeper meaning of what is happening. This card shows that we can manage our lives and make our way.

Concerning events, situations and moments, The High Priestess represents activity below the surface (within) and an inability to see the whole picture, at least for the moment. Some information will make us see things from another perspective. In the situation there are influences of hidden factors, something hidden. There’s a secret that’s slipping us. We can accept it as an understanding that we can not control and predict everything. Another meaning is obscurity, uncertainty, indefinite future. As an advice it means that there is no need to guess, the time for an answer is yet to come.

The High Priestess carries a sense of great inner strength. Huge inner excitement. Inspired state of the spirit. A fine but strong relationship with the collective subconscious or the Soul of the World. It brings beneficial influence on any creative, artistic, esoteric or scientific knowledge. Observance instead of participation.

Because this card is the guardian of secrets, when drawn it means that some of them will be revealed, or that you want to know something. It may mean that you or somebody else has secrets, or that for some time you don’t want to put all of your cards on the table.

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