Symbolizes – revival, refresh, transformation, conclusion

The tarot card Death does not represent actual physical end of life, it is a sign of an end, change, conclusion. It is about recovery and cyclicity – the continuous process of birth, death and revival. Not absolute destruction, but rather the ending of a way of life and the beginning of another. About removal of the unnecessary and outdated from the essential. An imminent, inevitable and rapid change, exemption from and old way of thinking, action or living and the ability to move forward.

Focus is on beginning and end, good and bad. The presence of Death shows that a stage of your current life is about to end and that new experiences will follow. When that cycle is over, you can continue to the future and get rid of the past. It is necessary for you to examine your life and decide whether it’s necessary to spend such an amount of energy on something that does not develop.

The card suggests that soon there will be major changes in your life. Change is inevitable. Death appears when you are on the brink of major changes: marriage, divorce, leaving home, moving, changing careers, giving birth to a child. The protracted situation is at an end and the dawn of a new era is ahead of you. Now is the time to get rid of unwanted ties or events and go on a path that leads to a new stage in your life. You need to get rid of everything unnecessarily or outdated. This is the time for closure and the beginning of a new period.

On the negative side, Death can also foretell and warn that you can experience loss.

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