The most sinister characteristics of each zodiac sign – Part I

sinister zodiac signs

Astrology is great at pointing out the best of our personalities, but at the same time it also highlights our imperfections.

Sometimes we take destructive actions, even for ourselves, without realizing it. We develop certain patterns of behavior in our earliest years and some of them remain for the rest of our lives, despite being awful.

Truth is that, as a human beings we make a lot of mistakes, no matter how much we try, we can never be perfect.

Anyway, which are the most sinister tendencies of each zodiac sign?


You can hear the most insensitive and terrible words from an Aries. In other words, you don’t know true emotional pain until a ram hurts you.

They just can’t fall on their back and if you insult them in some way them during an argument, representatives of the fire element can make you feel very, very sorry.


Representatives of this sign can be exceptionally loyal friends when alone with you, but in the presence of someone else their allegiance usually disappears.

This is true of children, parents and even pets. If you have a Taurus friend, there’s a big possibility that he or she is talking behind your back with another friend.


Typically Gemini go through life, taking everything they can get from it, but when nervous, irritated or enraged, they explode, spilling fire and lava.

As you’re seeing another person, they can be so very vicious. Even their looks can change, appearing cold and distant.


True evil in a Cancer is hiding in their ability to make friends and soon betray them. They are inclined to think that the Universe revolves around them, which leads the crabs to give you a condescending treatment. Quite cruel!


The lions can turn 180 degrees in split second. When feeling afflicted or offended, they can start shooting painful words. Their ego is so fragile, that even small thing as looking at them the wrong way can end your friendship in an instant without any explanation.

They will betray your confidence, trust and, all that, while blaming you.


What characterizes and, at the same time, isolates a Virgo, is the fact that they’re overweening and arrogant, which leads to reflecting a lot of hate to everyone in their lives. Sometimes they live by the words No one loves me! while usually oppressing others with false judgments, insults and cruelty.

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