Will you be successful?

Read carefully below and we guarantee that after a while you will think about spiritnavigator.com and say to yourself: “Well, they were right.”

Definition for success is different for every person – for some it’s a loving spouse, for others – caring and responsible parent and so on. Here’s our solution, nicely organized in specific points, to help you reach your desired goals.

These advices will help you strengthen your mind and build positive habits, which in turn will provide a future incentive to achieve great results. They will not only guide you towards your desired accomplishments, but also guarantee that you’ll continue to reap success.


Oprah Winfrey says the reason for receiving all of what others don’t get, is that she’s ready to do what most are not even going to think about.

If you’re just going to stay in front of the TV and wait to something to happen to you, well… you will be disappointed at the least. Sometimes your actions don’t lead to the expect results and you prefer to remain in your cozy comfort zone, just so you don’t get yourself in a difficult situation. Go out, challenge yourself! Do what you want to do, even if you feel scared. If you’re not sure what you really want, take your time and figure it out. Don’t even think about listening others, because that way you’re sure to go down. It’s your life, remember that.

Find what brings you pleasure and doesn’t feel like a job!

Well, it won’t happen from the first time.

You will start and abandon all sorts of activities until you find the thing which makes you wake up with a smile. You will want to be the best in it. And you will be!

Don’t look just at yourself!

Selfishness doesn’t lead to anything good. We believe that there’s at least one person, who’s been there for you in difficult times, helping you to use your potential to the fullest. Your team at the work place is of utmost importance. Be a friend, be understanding, be honest.

Look for knowledge, not results!

When you’re passionate to discover, progress, explore and experiment, your mind, in regards to motivation and inspiration, will always be sharp. If your motive is just resul威而鋼
ts, your impulse will pass just like a summer storm. So the key to success is to concentrate on the present, on the road to success, not on the final destination. Keep thinking about what you have learned and what you can do better.

Make this travel fun!

This is a great game! The moment you make it serious, there’s a big chance to start bearing heavy emotional weight, so in this case you might consider the cause lost.

Have a plan!

You need to know your next three steps. You don’t need more. If you need to, fill in your calendar with what and when you plan to do.

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