The ten principles of each zodiac sign

10 principles of each zodiac sign

Learn more about your or someone else’s Sun sign. These short slogans perfectly describe the characters of each one of the 12 representatives.


1. I advise you not to argue with me!
2. First I act, then I might stop and think!
3. Why should I stop because others did?
4. This won’t happen to me!
5. You can’t do anything better than me!
6. I find pleasure listening to myself while I speak!
7. Stubbornness is a positive quality!
8. I love giving advice to others!
9. An Aries is fine when there are no other Aries around!
10. Don’t even think about attacking me, because you will suffer!


1. I am never sorry for spent money!
2. I don’t ask for anything, I don’t give anything!
3. I will do whatever it takes to avoid confrontation!
4. Don’t disturb me if I’m taking a rest!
5. I prefer a comfortable sofa instead of the beautiful mountain view.
6. Eating is bliss.
7. I am the spoiled child of Fate!
8. If someone else can take care of it, let him.
9. I like beautiful things!
10. I dream of working as a taster!


1. Today I am better than yesterday.
2. Information is the key to victory!
3. For advice I only listen to myself!
4. I can be in several places simultaneously, as long as I want to!
5. I realize every single idea of mine!
6. I need to have a phone and TV in every room!
7. Those who are late are poorly seated!
8. I will never give up fighting life!
9. I love shopping, as long as some else tells me what to buy!
10. I need to have a lot of everything!


1. My home is my castle!
2. I am devoted to my family!
3. Patience is the highest virtue!
4. Victory belongs to those who control themselves!
5. I love to have guests in my home!
6. The most important thing in life is a table full of treats!
7. I don’t have that much money to buy cheap stuff!
8. I need to have my own room to stay alone in from time to time!
9. I forget nothing!
10. Don’t buy anything new if the old one is still working!


1. Come with me, I will lead!
2. I need to support of others, not the other way around!
3. A good word opens heavy doors!
4. The world revolves around me!
5. It’s better to have a relaxed job than high salary!
6. I spend as much as I earn – everything!
7. I am so exquisite that I bought a piano, despite that no one can play it.
8. I am smiling, but this gives me the opportunity yo manipulate you.
9. I don’t work on meaningless projects!
10. If you need warmth and wisdom, come closer to me!


1. I accomplish everything with hard work and persistence!
2. Modesty is one of my pluses!
3. I server others, but live for myself!
4. Everything need to be in complete order around me!
5. My heart is a subordinate of my rational brain!
6. If there’s as much as a small stain on the wall, I will do a complete overhaul.
7. I want everything under my control!
8. If it’s for my family, I can clean a truck of cherries!
9. A woman needs to be a real lady!
10. I choose my friends carefully and don’t forgive insults!


1. I can’t live without a partner!
2. I never argue, because it makes me nervous!
3. I agree with you, only because I hate confrontation, not because I truly agree!
4. I can break every principle, as long as I am certain!
5. I can convince anyone of anything!
6. Beauty will save the world!
7. I am always in a good mood!
8. I constantly hesitate!
9. A man can’t be only good or bad!
10. During the whole game, I can’t decide which team I am rooting for!


1. If I sting you, it will be my pleasure!
2. Every stone might hide a snake beneath, so I am careful!
3. Give me a good reason to smile!
4. I love to love!
5. I can kill you with just an exquisite gesture!
6. If you have trust in me, maybe I won’t bite!
7. I don’t like showing my feelings!
8. I will help anyone, who is thankful afterwards!
9. I like to be the center of the universe!
10. I am like a cactus – I show my flowers only before certain people!


1. All people have good hearts!
2. I will never forget someone who helped me!
3. I like to travel!
4. I don’t do small business!
5. No one has the right to be mad at me!
6. Love me, because I deserve it!
7. I am never sorry for my actions!
8. People who take pride in their jobs, don’t have anything else to brad about!
9. I don’t worry unnecessarily!
10. Everyone needs to do their own duties!


1. I can withstand any type of load!
2. A lone warrior is still a warrior!
3. I don’t take part in illegal activities, because I will be caught!
4. I like have expensive things, which I bought myself!
5. Life is a train, stopping at a variety of stations!
6. I love dreaming and fantasizing!
7. One has to weigh in place!
8. I dream of reaching the top, only to look at the nonentities that are still climbing!
9. I don’t get old!
10. I am full of patience, I will wait!


1. I am always different!
2. If you want to be with me, become what I want you to be!
3. I don’t respect prejudice!
4. I am certain the future will be wonderful!
5. It’s hard for me to be perfect, but I need to!
6. Good intent is more important than performance!
7. In order to be an explorer, you need to reject everything old!
8. There are more important thing than sex in life.
9. I put my friends first, I will take care of my family if I have the time!
10. There isn’t anyone better than me!


1. The heart leads the body and mind!
2. Alcohol helps me!
3. No one can tell me what to do!
4. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!
5. I 樂威壯
did promise, but when will I do it – I don’t know!
6. I work slowly, because I like it that way.
7. I can analyze every person, but I can’t understand myself!
8. One must be flexible, in order not to break!
9. It’s not important what I do, it’s important that I look busy!
10. If you put pressure on me I might slip away!

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