The Tower

The Tower


Symbolizes – eruption, outburst, attack, shifting of layers, cataclysm, sudden change, transformation, twist, exposing, shock, surprise.

The Tower tarot card represents the collapse of an established order. Major changes, metamorphoses, reorganization of environment or a certain situation, and although we most probably think that it happens against our will, we have arrived here by ourselves. For some time, the circumstances have matured, but we did not pay attention to the signs.

The very foundations of the Tower are shaken – system of beliefs that has served for its construction is tested and eventually if there are cracks and weak elements, it will collapse. The Tower destroys our illusions, obsolete models and lifestyle. This can be terrifying, but it is also a great relief, as it opens up an opportunity to let go and build something better, with a clear consciousness.

The Tower shows all the things a person has ever believed since his childhood – all that is programmed by teachers, parents, peers. Old realities are forever altered and completely destroyed.

Perhaps right now you are shaken as you feel the earth moving under your feet. Your sense of security is threatened and a natural reaction is to cling to whatever you can. But this inner disturbance is necessary and important. After it passes we will be stronger and capable of to experience the new.

A good advice is to observe from the side without getting too involved, almost like as if the events are happening to someone else.

We are forced to start anew. However, The Tower shows how we feel right now, rather than what the result will be. This card implies concussions, so if we are in an unpleasant or boring situation, it will soon change.

When you draw The Tower, you must ask yourself why you hesitate to accept that something is wrong. Only then you will realize why you are doing things in a certain way, you will heal yourself, remove the stress and move to a different level.

In foretelling events the card can show fire, harsh weather, storms, natural disaster. Failure or bankruptcy. Denial and confiscation. Loss of home and material possessions. Deprivation of security (often due to improper actions and management). But all this can actually help you change your tactics and create something much bigger and more beautiful.

The Tower is about letting go of the old and making place for the new. It foretells unexpected events. Change without warning that can turn our lives over. It also represents parts of your life that are stagnant.

The process of change has begun. Most likely, a part of your life or all of it is falling apart in front of your eyes. It is best to resign and wait for a while. There is no need to fight this, since it is inevitable – your destiny has a different plan for you. Resistance will most likely hurt you. It is best to withdraw for a while and just think about what you are going to do from now on.

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