11 things, which every self-respecting woman doesn’t tolerate in a relationship

independant woman

1. You are indecisive

Eevery self-respecting woman knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. It’s a waste of time and energy if she invests in someone whom makes her feel insecure.

2. You don’t show respect to her and others

She will carefully examine how you treat people around you. Even if you can’t see it, she will be watching. If you offend her in any way she will immediately put you into place.

3. You play games

She doesn’t care how much time it will take you to answer a simple message. Maturity is this – showing that a healthy relationship requires communication, not messing around with someone’s head so you can see their reaction. You play a game which she plays by not responding!

4. You make excuses

She has full control over her life. She doesn’t blame others. She doesn’t blame circumstances. She doesn’t blame her past. You find an excuse for not coming. She will understand and be polite about it, but won’t allow it to happen a second time.

5. You keep her on a leash

When you’re uncertain of your abilities, you try to control her by all means, because you have thoughts about not deserving her. And this is true.

6. You lie and cheat

She won’t give you a second chance. She’ll just be with someone that won’t allow himself such a mistake.

7. You are not self-driven

Goals and dreams are what motivates her to get up in the morning. She needs someone who can respect what she does and wants to do.

8. You are jealous

She can be with someone else if she wants to, but she chose you. She parted with her “single” status, which means she cares. She will refuse to waste her time trying to prove herself loyal only because you are insecure.

9. You mistreat her

If you are dishonorable and suddenly show your true self, she wont waste time and will drive you away. Because she needs a man.

10. You’re less than what she deserves

She knows what she wants and deserves from you, and if you do not give it to her she understands that you’re not a reflection of her, but rather an image of what she doesn’t need in order to be happy.

11. You think that after you’re gone you can come back

If you go, don’t ever come back, because a self-respecting woman won’t give a second chance to someone to hurt her again.

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