These 12 habits usually lead to a breakup


One thing is for certain – love truly is blind. Sometimes we can miss seemingly obvious things only because we have feelings about the person next to us. Things that we would never forgive or allow in our lives. If the person next to you has these 12 habits, maybe it’s time to split up.


A person who does not trust you totally will always put you down, no matter how loyal you are or how much love you give. These conditions will always be there. Anyone with such a negation can ruin your life.

Hates animals

Such a person usually has no sense of empathy not only for animals but also for humans.

Relationship rules mean nothing

There are basic rules in each relationship, and if one of the partners does not respect them, it means that they do not appreciate their beloved and the relationship as a whole.

Does not keep promises

If the person next to you does not keep their promises often, it means you do not deserve to waste your time. He or she does not care what you think or what you say.

Does not put you first

Relationships are based on giving and receiving. If you are the partner who makes more effort to move your relationship forward while the other does not move a finger, things will hardly ever become any different. There is no point in continuing the relationship, because sooner or later you will regret wasting your time.

Believes he or she is always right

If your partner always believes that all the decisions they take, every direction in which they go or any uttered word is the right one, and for him/her there is no other option, the feeling is the same as talking to a wall. Soon they will start trying to change you too. A partner like that will try to make you believe that they’re always right and your opinion does not mean anything. Such a person never realizes his mistakes and therefore never learns from them. He/she will continue to do so regardless of your opinion or feelings.

Constantly makes up different excuses

Constant excuses are a denial to give you attention and say only one thing: “I have more important things to do and you do not mean much to me.” End of story. You must stop wasting time with such a person because they’re more inclined to make an effort and find a suitable apology than to be with you.

Endless quarrels

Arguments in a relationships are sometimes healthy, but if they never stop, you will eventually feel that there is no point in continuing to be together. Life and relationships are filled with compromises, but in a dispute both partners have to listen to the other’s point of view. The pointless arguments sooner or later leave the partners apart.

“Kills” conversations

The stories are great and your partner is funny, but when you want to say something they either interrupt you or don’t listen at all. That’s another way of saying: “I do not care about your feelings and what you want to tell me.” You can’t allow being ignored like this constantly.


Sometimes lies are really useful and save us a lot of grief and headaches, but there are also such lies that simply break the bond. A relationship must be built on trust and faith in the partner.

Does not give you space

No matter how much love there is you need personal space and time to spend just for yourself. Excessive “suffocation” can ruin the relationship faster than you suspect.

They hurt you physically or mentally

Violence in love, whether psychological or physical, is out of the question. Separate immediately with such a person and don’t turn back. Remember that starting a relationship with a person who can not restrain his temper will later become one of the biggest mistakes in your life.

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