The Devil

The Devil


Symbolizes – dependency, addiction, materialism, despair, attraction, ignorance, violence, failure, misfortune, misery, death, and sinister or threatening events.

The Devil tarot card represents tendency for or addiction to harmful substances and people or seeking wealth at all costs; obsession without satisfaction, where we sacrifice everything for an insatiable need, including our self-control. This Card speaks of enslavement in a situation, whether a habit, another person, or a way of thinking that impedes us in our quest for happiness, freedom, higher understanding and peace of mind – we have lost our perspective and are adrift… we despair hopelessly. But it is also a delight – sensual and every other feeling we perceive with our physical body. It is the ability to enjoy life. Yet it is a warning not to become greedy, to look for the golden mean.

This card usually indicates that you are involved in a negative situation and your ability to break out is small because of a vague, blurred, poor judgment. When you draw The Devil, you need to look at and consider the current situation and ask others for advice. Problem solving should be slow and careful. Although it is a sinister card, we should not be afraid. It shows the need to focus our energies on positive thoughts and actions instead of exhausting as we waste stamina on negative things.

You are trapped in yourself by yourself. Worries of strong entrapment. Do you refuse to end problematic relationships? Is it hard to give up when you feel it should be done? Maybe you are too attached to the material world, or you are overwhelmed with passion, perhaps you maintain a bad relationship with someone or you are too worried about your financial well-being? Fears and negative thoughts poison your life. Look carefully at reality. Perhaps your life resembles slavery?

The card warns: You should not use your position or influence to manipulate others. It’s time to confront your fears and what hinders you. Your hopelessness and the conviction that nothing can be changed keeps you from growing and moving forward.

The Devil can often indicate that a sphere of your life is stagnant. That you use unnecessary or old ideals. You have set your own walls and succumbed to negative thinking. It could mean encounters with aggressive people dedicated to carnal pleasures and satisfying inferior needs.

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