The Star

The Star


Symbolizes – calmness, peace, silence, inspiration, great insight, deep intuition, heavenly order, brilliant perspectives, new opportunities and simple rewards

The Star tarot card is almost the opposite of The Devil. Instead of binding to the Earth and losing hope, The Star is the glowing light that leads us to greater faith and peace. Just as the heavenly body which it is named after, the Star is a guide, inspiration, a source of miracle, dreams, beauty, deep tranquility and happiness.

On an material level, this card represents the smile of fate when our life seems illuminated and everything is inspiring and possible once again. Our opportunities represent the idealistic and real, magnificent and sophisticated aspects of life.

Metaphysically speaking, the common idea of The Star is the return and attachment of the soul to a larger structure outside the Earth’s realm.

The card shows a spirit that remembers its primary origin and is aware of its place in the unlimited scope of the Universe. When The Star is drawn, focus is on what lies ahead in the future. It shows you that the difficulties will soon disappear and a new, more positive future will begin. Also, by drawing this card, you may feel relieved and relaxed. In the near future you will experience independence and inner strength.

What is missing in life is coming back. And it does not just return, it brings new people and reflects the influence of the Star. It means hope reborn by the promise of inward or outward help. It also shows that some work done, past experience or effort made in the past will be in favor of what is ahead.

Now you can trust your intuition and listen to the voice of wisdom. If you also check your horoscope, it will only help. Your guardian angel protects you. Result will come soon as you expected, be sure. You have to gain strength, because now is a good time to achieve ideals. Attention should be paid to the development of one aspect of your talent.

The card can foretell a young woman appearing in your life (for men).

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