Virgo Daily Horoscope for Today

Dec 18, 2018 — The stars promise the arrival of a long-awaited tranquility, so fill yourself with fortitude. You are very near your set goals, but the mist is hiding your imminent success from your eyes. Don’t protect someone without being asked to do so. Content with themselves will be those of you who are calm and do not create conflicts. You are looking forward to financial gains. Things do need to change, and burying your head in the sand won’t help. If you are offered a trip that you need to realize soon, do not deny it. Indulge in your responsibilities during the mornings, in the evenings examine your meetings and calmly evaluate your new acquaintances. Do not expect an expeditious resolution of problems related to your personal plans to come easily. Do not run away from reality and don’t trust unverified information.

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