Pisces Weekly Horoscope for Next Week

Jan 25, 2021 - Jan 31, 2021 — If you are in a partnership you will be successful because it will make it easier for you to overcome the difficulties on your way. Now is a great time to send yourself out to the gym where you can vent your moods on the equipment and get some exercise as well. Conflicts in the family are not foreseen, the home atmosphere will be relaxed and enjoyable. Inch by inch, slowly but surely – patience will give you confidence and security every step of the way. If you have arranged an outing soon, it may not go strictly according to plan. Look forward to pleasant news about your personal life. Do not allow feelings to interfere with your reason to see the true traits of people who are in the process of your plans. Planetary alignment suggest you have to work at doing a little psychoanalysis on yourself. If you are offered new sources of income, do not reject them. Be responsible, especially now.

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