Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

May 10, 2021 - May 16, 2021 — The planetary lineup may make a confrontation of some kind between you and your partner (current or prospective) inevitable, but rather than this being a potential disaster, it will lead you both to a deeper understanding of each other. Now is a great time to send yourself out to the gym where you can vent your moods on the equipment and get some exercise as well. Your desire to confront the people in close proximity will only bring you harm. Be patient and keep calm, do not be angry about things that are not in your control. Organize an active holiday, a trip, related to sports, hiking in the mountains or cultural entertainment. Difficulties will unexpectedly cause you to change your immediate plans for the time being. Soon ahead, new horizons will be revealed, through which you’ll receive high praise and respect. Analyze and calculate your projects in depth then proceed to action. Be cautious when making promises.

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