Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024 — The energy emanating from the planets brings the realization of just what you need to do in order to get your recent and most personal relationship to work more harmoniously for both of you and although you may be tempted to do something quickly to make it instantly better, it would be better to introduce changes gradually. Throughout this period you are balanced and bring a sense of stability and harmony in your life. If you can be patient, everything will be fine. Your relatives will enthusiastically welcome your pursuit of family harmony and soon the intimate evening talks, family trips and other domestic joys will become a new custom for your whole family. Trips will be successful if you are not behind the wheel, use them to avoid problems. Try to judge your own actions from the no-too-distant past, and if you need to – apologize. There are incoming news that have the potential to change your life quite dramatically. You have the opportunity to realize all your plans and ideas if you concentrate enough only on them. When going to work or shopping, take another route, or shop somewhere else.. you never know what may transpire!

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