Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Today

Feb 20, 2019 — You are loaded with new strength and you will manage to impose on others to comply with your requests. Your mind is much more centered and focused now, helping you to channel your energy into one thing instead of millions and this is your secret to success. You do not accept criticism because you see it as frivolous. Be even-tempered or you will have to deal with troubleshooting problems which can be very time-consuming. Know that you have every chance to make as many changes as you desire. Trips are in your favor now. Creative moneymaking opportunities are likely to come your way via the internet or some other computer-based network you are involved with. If you can resist current temptations to be too forceful, be more considerate and analytical. The current astral energy may not be in favor of making big plans setting goals. Do not turn your back on your principles.

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