Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope for Next Week

Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024 — If things have reached a critical point between you and your partner recently, your relationship may go through a change – it is time to embrace the new. Your patience and perseverance will be put to the test. The celestial influences bring out some deeply buried feelings from within. You do not accept criticism because you see it as frivolous. It is not desirable to travel, but if you need to do it check your identity documents. While it is true that you do need to think clearly about how to achieve your goals and plans, only your heart can tell you what those really are. Life is a continuing succession of changes and perhaps one your part will pay off. The planetary energy may encourage you to consider and analyze your behavior. The more you can expand all aspects of your mental, emotional, and physical life, the better.

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