Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope for Previous Week

Feb 12, 2024 - Feb 18, 2024 — Try to keep jealousy in moderate limits and, in general, be careful how you express your feelings. It may be better to slow down instead of speeding up, as you don’t want to jump into anything too fast and then discover you have made a mistake. Do not succumb to emotion because you risk spoiling your relationships with acquaintances and friends, and then at home too. Do not be fooled by the complaints of the people around you and do not help if they have not personally asked you to do so. Consider whether it is in your favor to agree on meeting new people. This period’s planetary configuration is an omen of creative change. A long-held wish or desire, or a certain goal you have in mind really needs to break out and be free. If you have been feeling rather down lately it’s time to try to arrange a trip. Be patient and tactile.

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