Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aug 19, 2019 - Aug 25, 2019 — The current planetary aspect may find you feeling in a more thoughtful frame of mind. Avoid quarrels in your family, conflicts with strangers, and new acquaintances. Your ability to distribute your time correctly will bring you great benefit and recognition. You may create problems because of your unwillingness to show restraint and express your feelings to envious people. Life is a continuing succession of changes and perhaps one your part will pay off. Soon you may feel the need to change your environment in part because you will think you have enemies you want to move away from. Prepare for an attempt for financial frauds, which may be fatal to your stability if you allow them. This cycle will give you the opportunity to deeply analyze the behavior of people around which will bring great benefit. Trips are in your favor now. Finish what is long overdue and meet your promises.

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