Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aug 15, 2022 - Aug 21, 2022 — Try not to follow any advice that may be in your harm – especially if you are obsessively charmed by the one who gave it. Success is coming your way very soon. Stubbornness can prevent you assess the situation correctly, and you may get a lot of disappointments if you don’t show patience and self-control. During this period you will not be feeling in the greatest of moods, and could find it difficult to whip up any kind of enthusiasm for what is to come. An extremely favorable trend starts for you soon, in which you have the ability to make a significant amount of money. Soon ahead, new horizons will be revealed, through which you’ll receive high praise and respect. You have to postpone the discussion of new important decisions and the initiation of changes. Use your free time to consider traveling or a vacation outside the country. You will enjoy psychologically analyzing someone of your surroundings, just so you know which strings to pull if you need a favor. Actualize postponed meetings and contacts with people who are pleasant to be with.

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