Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Previous Week

Nov 16, 2020 - Nov 22, 2020 — Remember to act out of faith and not from fear because only in this way you will be led down the path to success. Don’t challenge Fate with thoughtless endeavors because of your impatience, rather take the time to assess the situation with calmness. There’s a possibility for relationships complication in your family if you are indelicate. The current celestial energy could indicate that as far as the future is concerned, there may be a source of tension present. If you have loaned someone money recently, some of it could be returned to you soon. Planetary configuration brings a lot of good ideas and you may have some wonderful ideas for plans. Trips will be successful if you are not behind the wheel, use them to avoid problems. The changes that could occur with current celestial configuration could be very profound. Evaluate what you have achieved. Be patient!

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