The Chariot

The Chariot


Symbolizes – ambition, power, balance, conquest, victory, energy, curiosity, movement, optimism, journey, distant traveling. Change of known environment, concentration of intention an will, establishment of identity, resisting temptation. Traveling, riding, literally a vehicle. News and opportunities.

The Chariot tarot card is very powerful. It represents progress and forward motion. It can help you set goals and achieve them. Communication at a distance. Unexpected good news. Promotes self-belief. Suggests moving and traveling.

Focus is on defining problems – we ask questions, search for answers and learn from mistakes. The Chariot is change, providence, triumph, conquered problems and troubles. The key is to take control over the situation without compromising yourself. Once you realize the cause of the problem, all aspects of your life will start developing and improving.

The Chariot depicts the storm before calmness. It’s power is present and encourages immediate action. You have to be wide-awake and proud in order to succeed.

Rising feelings are not the result of conscious effort, and neither it’s needed to force situations to happen. The feeling that you’re in the mist is disappearing or will soon.

A channel is opening from the edge of action towards the center of independence and open-mindedness in you. It will help you become sovereign.

The Chariot is for the battles we fight within ourselves and with life. It promises that, with hard work, effort, courage and persistence, we can overcome even the most overwhelming obstacles. It reminds us that as long as we want to, we can climb up the heights we crave. We learn to balance opposing forces within in order for harmony to triumph. It’s the inner struggle of conflicting sides of our individuality.

On the negative side it can foretell trouble, difficulties, stagnation and imbalance.

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