Cancer Daily Horoscope for Yesterday

Aug 06, 2020 — The current planetary energy tends to promote feelings of detachment, yet also of suspicion and paranoia. Hastiness during this period is forbidden. Avoid quarrels in your family, conflicts with strangers, and new acquaintances. Remember that the key to your success is knowing yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. Someone may be in the mood to try and persuade you to go along with some very appealing plans, and you could be sorely tempted to follow blindly. If you wish to make changes in your life, you will get all the help you want and need from the current planetary alignment. Assess exactly how you feel as this is the key to making the right choice. Keep an eye out for a short-term investment or bonus. Avoid heavy traffic and be careful if you have to drive. Avoid self-deception and do not overdo yourself.

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