Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Yesterday

Jan 25, 2020 — You’ll earn admiration if you are not hasty, so keep calm and patient. Do not succumb to emotion because you risk spoiling your relationships with acquaintances and friends, and then at home too. In spite of trouble you will find a way out of a difficult situation and you will avoid the losses and increase your authority. You are currently finding it difficult to make new acquaintances with friends of your loved ones. If you are offered new sources of income, do not reject them. Any sort of short-distance travel will be highly successful. Do not hesitate, if it is in your favor to change your plans. Avoid criticism and analyze your own behavior. The energy emanating from the planets may dazzle you with expectations beyond what you would ordinarily consider reasonable. Do not allow to be constrained and do not run counter to your principles.

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