Sagittarius Weekly Career Horoscope

Jul 06, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 — A colleague may not agree with your opinion. Those of you in real estate and trading will be successful. It doesn’t have to be all go-go-go; you are allowed to slow down and be patient. You are usually very reticent about your feelings, preferring to hide behind a veneer of cynicism or some other facade, but this is about to change soon. You can travel and visit your relatives, but be careful behind the wheel. Trust that you can earn money doing something you are passionate about. You are filled with hopes and plans, most of which are achievable and a sufficient reason not to feel uncomfortable. Do not invest your time if you have not considered your goals well. Influential acquaintances will help you in the change you are considering. Depend on your intuition which will lead you to correct actions in any situation.

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