Symbolizes – awakening, revival, new life, re-encounter, change of position, recovery, spiritual development

The Judgment tarot card represents an essential moment, a time for choice where nothing will be the same from now on. Some traditions interpret it as the Last Judgment, where the soul is judged and distributed accordingly. Others present it as a card of transition and change, a choice of future.

The Judgment means self-assessment that requires a sober reflection on everything we have done and accomplished, as well as improvement, especially forgiving ourselves and others. To be able to put all our failures and achievements in perspective, purified, renewed. On another level, this card speaks of spiritual awakening and calls for unity with higher power.

Focus is on changes, new development and growth. The Judgment shows that it’s important for you to deal with things that have been abandoned in order to move on to new successes. The card often shows that there will be significant changes your life – new relationships, a new career or a new home.

The Judgment card reminds us not to look outside for reality, but to look within. When we focus on the outside, we often get involved in evaluations: this is bad, this is good, I want this, I want that. These decisions and reasoning keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleep, our old habits and patterns. Reject your dogmatic consciousness and mind and step inside of your deepest truths, where the difference between sleep and reality is always distinct.

The current cycle ends and you have to be ready for the next growth phase. You have reached a new stage in your development. You may need to make an important and necessary decision that will change the course of your life. If you accept this decision, aware of its importance, then the results will be favorable. Now is the time of the triumph that allows you to change or improve something. If you are thinking of changing your career, this decision promises to be successful. If health is considered, the card predicts healing and recovery. If you are asking for a court trial, then all legal issues will be settled in your favor.

This is the end of the cycle of reincarnation and awakening, it is time to reap the abundant harvest of your past deeds. It’s time to open a new page and be ready for a positive start. Now you can see everything much clearer.

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