The Hermit

The Hermit


Symbolizes – foresight, knowledge, insight, faith, intuition, enlightenment, maturity, guidance, advice, patience, observance, perspective, analysis, thoughtfulness, peace, self-awareness, introspection, seclusion, willpower, creative and rational mind, ideas, spirit, moral.

The Hermit tarot card represents an individual who not hiding from people but rather lives by his own rules. He prefers to be secluded – needs peace and quiet. He doesn’t use this solitude as a break, but rather he needs the space to be productive. The wise man enjoys everything.

The focus is on a critical situation in your life. The Hermit is advising us that an important action we should take is – move forward to a new stage by first conquering current difficulties and problems. Recent problems could be the cause of isolation or solitude, self-induced loneliness. Once we realize the story’s already in the past, behind our backs, where it belongs, we can help others by sharing what we’ve learned from it – our wisdom. The card shows that you’re self-conscious. This self-awareness is helping you to deepen your sophistication and perception.

The Hermit is pointing out the need for realizing and accepting imperfection. For you to embrace change and allow development, it’s is imperative to reconcile and accept your weak points. You need to strive for freedom of the mind in relation to mistrust and reservations.

If you’re in a situation of isolation, realize how you look at this solitude. Is this freedom or loneliness; is it seclusion or a celebration of your own strength and identity. Be the light in yourself. Each person should develop an ability to be independent, to make his or her way through the darkness without partners or friends. This card reminds us that all the answers are within and we need to retreat in meditation in order to rationalize and understand the situation.

The Hermit is in sharp contrast with The Fool. While the second is hinting about an unconscious spirit on the road to adventure, the reclusive man is wise with experience behind his back and can be a leader or an advisor.

The Hermit is an opportunity to spend some time by ourselves. Sometimes we need to relax and take a step back, pull back from daily noisy crowds in order to take a look at our own lives and pay attention to our needs. Perhaps you have given too much of yourself and feel the need to recharge. This card may suggest a vacation somewhere quiet, amid nature, somewhere beautiful – the beach, the mountain. It’s important to spend some time by yourself.

The Hermit says that it’s not the time for public activity and socializing, nor for action, nor discussion… on the contrary – you need tranquility and introspection. Peaceful and contemplative card. He stands alone. Thinking. Meditating. Organizing. Planning.

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