The Moon

The Moon


Symbolizes – intuition, consciousness, deception, mystery, hidden enemies, danger, darkness, mistakes.

The Moon tarot card is an interesting one because it carries both – comprehension and delusion. It is our leader in the unknown, the light in the dark. This card represents the deepest state of the body-consciousness where we dream and we are in trance, we get visions, real fantasies and we are connected with the depths of our hidden subconsciousness. Our senses are expanded and we can experience deeply mystical and/or frightening realities beyond the scope of our normal perceptions and conscious state. We can not always control what’s going on there. The Moon also controls illusions and deceits – in the moonlight, things are not what they look like – it reveals hidden desires, worries, fears and phobias that lie in our most secretive depths.

Focus is on internal fears and uncertainty. The Moon shows that it would be wise to pay attention to your intuitive sensations and inner voice. You have to be careful because at this time you may be exposed to dangers and threats. The Moon Map reveals that at some point it is necessary to confront the situation and accept it as it is, for change to become real possibility. Be honest with yourself.

In its best light, the Moon is a card of genius, thought breakthrough, amazing creativity, powerful magic and intuition. It can be a good sign if you are involved in a hidden affair, otherwise it may mean that your secrets are on display. This card foretells creative expression through art, writing or music that can lead to unexpected opportunities.

When The Moon is drawn, you can be sure it will be time for highly charged emotions and confusion. Despite all the fear, however, the dim light will illuminate your path, and even if you have taken a difficult one, ultimately everything will be all right. The Moon also warns: you may be going through an emotional and mental test; at times when doing the things you do seems fine, may be exactly the opposite. After a while you may turn back and wonder – ‘Why did I do that? It makes no sense!’. Your mind can trick you, so this is not the right time for decisions that need rational thought and clear mind.

The Moon characterizes confusing relationships. Swirl love stories, strong as in dreams, but transient. Swinging emotions. When it appears, it probably marks a time when you reconnect with your subconscious through dreams, symbols, and strange coincidences. At that time, art will influence you more than ever, and through it you can express your feelings better. The Moon shows great creativity, elevated mental powers, vision. Intuitive flashes during periods like that are remarkably accurate.

In reality, when you draw this card, it most often shows that you are split in different directions. You are distracted by external influences that deviate you from your true path. The Moon is a message that you need to look at and think about your life and use your intuitive abilities to find the most useful thoughts and actions in order to correct your course.

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