The Hierophant

The Hierophant


Symbolizes – kindness, compassion, inner strength, teaching, sacredness, reverence, tradition, science and knowledge.

The Hierophant tarot card represents rules, structure, procedure, ritual and unity, including marriage. He brings harmony in the community so it can identify and develop as a whole.

The Hierophant strives to create balance and peace in crisis situations through rituals, ceremonies and tradition, which remind the people of their values, their shared identity and structure, that brings order and meaning to life. In times of chaos and fear this is great reassurance. The card can represent an organization, institution, company or any other kind of establishment, which is arranged in a certain way and is not open to change.

Focus is on relationships between individuals and groups in the community. The one asking the question(s) is striving to find truth and understand the changes in his or her life. This card can also represent union, including marriage. The Hierophant emphasizes on the importance of commitment, responsibility and the power of human connection. Drawing this card shows that, if you’re worried for a relationship, you must persist and try to keep it.

The Hierophant says that it’s time for education. Learning always goes in both directions – even if you’re the teacher you have a lot to learn from those you each. If you’re learning – be an active participant and compare the instructions to your own views and experience.

The card shows that life is a teacher, providing lessons to learn from. To understand that conflict exists to provoke growth, especially spiritual.

One of the messages The Hierophant carries is to allow calmness and peace to surround us in order to hear our inner voice. Love for nature and the innate order of things is also represented by this card.

The Hierophant can point to a teacher, a priest or a consultant, but he also represents to moral lessons we receive from events and situations in our lives.

He’s the wise teacher bearing secret and ancient insights. He can help us understand the mysteries around and inside of us. The Hierophant is holy man whom possesses a great amount of experience and wisdom for the others to learn from. He’s is the search and discovery of truth and meaning, the understanding of things. Faith, protection, advice.

Opportunities, unfolded before you will be more than clear and you should be able to formulate your own philosophy accordingly. You can be in a period of searching for the right decision and it’s inside of you. Stand up for your beliefs.

The Hierophant can also be a warning about the dangers of clinging to obsolete perceptions, rituals and habits, especially when new ways are far more effective.

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