The Empress

The Empress


Symbolizes – high potency, material wealth, blessing, satisfaction, well-being.

The Empress owns the world. She is fertile and generous. The Empress tarot card represents all the abundance and blessing that can be obtained on physical level. She is genuineness and sensuality. She creates life and cares for it with love and devotion.

Focus is more on being rather than doing. Being in harmony with inner feelings and emotions. This tarot card also symbolizes development and creativity. The Empress shows that the asker will be rewarded as a result of fruitful work and he or she should not be disappointed or impatient because of delays. It teaches us to trust our instincts because success is ahead.

Whatever you do, if you do it with joy and love, if you don’t just look from a financial point of view, then it will be a beautiful creation. If any of it makes its way inside of you, if it makes you grow – then it is spiritual, constructive, divine… Love what you do!

The Empress tarot card is also a good luck charm, implying potency, sexuality, and reproduction. Now is the time for manifestation of creative instincts and for taking decisive action. Any creative activity will yield good results.

You like your work because it gives your life beauty and sensuality, and gives you material comfort. Hard work will be rewarded financially.

Sexual relations bring satisfaction. This card may mean marriage, pregnancy or childbirth. If you expect a baby, pregnancy and delivery will go well.

Harvest the fruits of your labor, surround yourself with beauty and material comfort. Share your feelings, you are able to give love and receive it.

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