The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man


Symbolizes – retreat, acceptance, reversal, sacrifice, delay, retention. Balance, patience, understanding, flexibility, exemption. Absurdity.

The Hanged Man tarot card is best described as a paradox – full of contradictions. It teaches power, control and ability by means of withdrawal and discontinuation; strength through humility; acquiring as a result of sacrifice.

The figure is shockingly unambiguous, in spite of being totally dependent on a higher power or external will, the hanged is completely relaxed. This teaches us that through sacrifice and patience we can be winners.

The Hanged Man shows us a time when we can’t help ourselves through an independent action, a time when we are in a pending and unresolved situation and we can not control events and situations. A need for introspection, analysis, and reflection in order to see and understand the problem, to realize what we can draw from it.

Focus is on what is happening here and now. It is necessary to consider compromises in order to avoid failures. The card reveals that you will experience an awakening of your instinctive powers and find that this enriches your life. It serves you as a reminder about the importance of intuitive and psychic powers that can’t be explained by science.

You are challenged to get rid of attachments, to surrender. Now you are not responsible for the events in your life. It is not the time for resistance, as everything is out of your control. Give up, step back. Everything around you may look upside down as if it’s in complete disarray – you can fight against it, kick and shout, or you can treat yourself decently and take it as an opportunity to look at your life from a different angle.

It is not the time for activity except meditation and prayer. Learn to be calm and quiet. The Hanged Man can indicate a time when there is nothing to do, a state of oblivion. The situation for now is unlikely to change, but it is an opportunity for you to change yourself. To truly see, you need to get rid of your preconceptions and expectations. Relax to and realize what you have missed. It takes faith and patience, but remember that your spirit is always supportive. This is the card of the one who voluntarily steps back and closes his eyes in order to see better.

The Hanged Man implies a transition period. Temporary suspension, which has different meanings. You start to doubt your attitude to something, someone and to your actions. You understand that the current methods, moves and condition are not adequate enough to help you move forward. You can not see the entire forest because of the trees, it seems you can not take advantage of the good that’s right under your nose. This is related to perspective. If you can change your viewpoint, you will often be able to turn an unpleasant situation into something good. The card hints that you either started or you have to change your attitude and actions so that you can take full advantage of the world around you.

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